Summer 2014

Sex, Relationships and Intimacy: An Eight Week Therapy Group for Men

Are you: 

  • looking for support from other men as you deepen your understanding of relationship dynamics
  • excited about challenging yourself to take risks, be authentic and receive feedback
  • seeking to explore your ideas about gender roles, success and self-worth within a lively environment

Many people find it hard to maintain a feeling of connection in their relationships while attending to the scope of daily life. We often long to be close to others without always knowing how to be open and available. This men’s therapy group will explore issues related to intimacy, sexuality and boundaries. The group is facilitated by two women therapists who specialize in men’s issues.

This group could be for you if you are interested in examining the way you show up in relationships, if you are open to sharing about yourself, and willing to challenge your thinking as you engage with other group members. We will create a lively forum to give and receive support, exchange ideas and receive feedback about the things we struggle with in relationships.

Details: Sex, Relationships and Intimacy is a collaborative therapy group, a rare opportunity for men to speak frankly about intimacy, sex, relationships and gender with each other and the added perspective of female facilitators. We will explore how these issues impact your life while addressing matters that are most relevant and pressing for you. This experiential group will support you in looking more deeply at yourself with honesty and authenticity. Male-identified participants of all sexual orientations are welcome.

Mary Beth Trail and Molly Howard specialize in men’s issues and each completed practicums focused on group therapy and group facilitation.

Topics of inquiry: Many topics will be up for discussion, and each meeting will be guided in part by the interests of group members. Themes will include intimacy, loss of connection, gender roles, sexuality, self-worth and relationships of all kinds (including family, friendship, partner and family-of-origin)

What, when, where:

Summer 2014

Monday evenings, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Castro District, San Francisco

$400 per person for the 8-week series

Group size limited to 8 participants

Click here to download the flyer. Contact Mary Beth Trail at 415-522-7347 to schedule a consultation to explore if the group is right for you.


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