In individual therapy I seek to understand the different parts within you, and the parts you have yet to develop fully in order to feel whole.

As our work deepens, it is often helpful to understand how some aspects of yourself are related to earlier experiences that shaped you. My goal is to create a space in which you have the opportunity to see the ways you adapted based on the resources available at different stages of your life.

Throughout this process, I will continue to invite a dialogue about your experience. At times I will check in with you about the impact of our work together, to encourage your voice in our relationship and to better understand what you need.

children and adolescents

With children and adolescents, I seek to understand and give voice to feelings, which often point to underlying needs that can be communicated about. Through an attachment-based perspective, I help to regulate emotions by modeling understanding and communication about each individual’s experience. Depending on the circumstances, it is sometimes helpful to engage the entire family in this process, and at times I will ask other family members to join.

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